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Tradesmen- sign up now and watch your business grow. Introductory offer: 1 year free trial membership with no extra costs ever. That's FREE UK advertising for businesses and tradesmen and a FREE opportunity to build yourself a great reputation in your local area.
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It's completely free to use and you don't even need to register! We use feedback from our members to help you find reliable help. How? Once a user gets work done they return to let other users know how good or bad the tradesman was.
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Get quotes and rates from local Builders Do you want to find a tradesman, builder, plumber, tiler, plasterer, electrician, glazier... in your area who is reliable and charges a reasonable rate? Want to make sure they are trustworthy? Have you been caught out by rogue tradesmen in the past? Why not let others help? The Good Builder Guide uses people power to let you benefit from the experience of others.

Tips to help you find a reliable tradesman.
Tips for finding a good builder: to ensure that you find a builder you can rely on, some of the first questions you should ask them are "Do you have any references from any of your previous jobs?", "Can I see some of your previous work?" continued...
Now With Over 5,000 Tradesman Listings!
The Good Builder Guide has recently joined forces with another great website that helps you find good tradesmen, Together we are able to bring you over 5 times as many tradesmen as before, accessible through one of the most sophisticated yet easy to use tradesman search engines on the web. Contact details and feedback records are available straight away without the need to register. You can even send text messages and emails to tradesmen via the website - and of course, it's all still completely free of charge!
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Why feedback is important. Feedback can tell you the best information about a tradesman because it is from customers. It can tell you about price, speed, quality, tidiness... and fill in the blanks the tradesman left out- whether Good or Bad.

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