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How much does it cost to advertise/register as a Tradesman?

Registration is fast, easy and completely free for 1 year. A token contribution is required in second and subsequent years if you decide to continue your membership. See the Quick Facts Page on our sister site for more details.

How does feedback work?

A Tradesman's Feedback rating is shown beside their listing. To see their feedback history, click the "View Feedback" link alongside their listing. To leave feedback on a Tradesman who has carried out work for you, you will either need to be a registered member or know the ID code of the tradesman in question. Your tradesman will provide you with this. You canuse this ID code to access the "Leave Reference / Feedback" page. Please be aware that we follow up on a proportion of the feedback submitted to check it's genuine, so you will need to provide contact details.

Will my name be published with my feedback?

Absolutely not. No personally identifiable information will ever be published on the internet, just the first part of your post code and the date the work was done.




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