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How it works
In 5 Easy Steps
1 Search for the service you require
2 Select a Tradesman
3 Request a quote
4 The work is carried out
5 Leave feedback to rate their service
Step 1
To find the service you require simply select the Find a Tradesman link at the top of the screen.
This search will ask you which service you require and also for your postcode (just the first part will do fine) so your search results can be limited to truly local tradesman.

Step 2
To select a Tradesman, browse the available tradesmen and make an informed decision.
You will be able to see the tradesman's feedback, which will tell you how other users rated his service. Even if the tradesman has no feedback on file yet, you can take comfort in the fact that he's confident enough to invite you to leave feedback yourself - good or bad.
His description should tell you what kind of work he undertakes but to get more information it is simply a matter of lifting the phone and contacting him.

Step 3
The tradesman's listing will contain a phone number and "email me" button for you to request a quote. You can also send a free text message to any tradesman with a mobile phone number (but you'll have to register before you can send text messages).
Most will provide free quotes, so lift the phone and ask him to visit you to look at the job.
It will be impossible for him to provide an accurate quote for anything but the very simplest jobs over the phone, so do not expect it.

Step 4
If you are happy with the quote and confident he will do a good job then work can begin
(click here for tips/checks on ensuring they will do a good job)

Step 5
You leave feedback. This is one of the most important factors in making this site work.
We have provided the opportunity. Now you must make it work by leaving feedback on the tradesman.
If you find a dodgy builder, warn others! If you find a reliable, affordable, pleasant handyman who you will use again and again...

To do this, you will need to know the ID code of tradesman concerned, so don't forget to ask about this when you first call. (Registered members don't need to know the ID code as details of the estimates they've requested are stored on the website. Oh and of course, registration is completely free!)

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