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Want to know how to find a reliable gardener? Read our tips.

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You may also find the following information useful:
The Garden Centre Association- over 160 leading garden centres belong to the Garden Centre Association. Their members cover all parts of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and each one has to achieve a high level of good business practice before they can be accepted as an Approved Member and to ensure that high standards are maintained, each garden centre is inspected annually.
BBC Gardening section- Nice resource for specific plant information, gardening projects, illustrated plant features, expert advice, tips and communing with other gardeners.
Carry on Gardening- Do you have difficulty in doing what you want to in the garden? This award-winning website aims to give you answers so that you can find your way to easier gardening.

Other useful sites that may help are: supplies a huge range of gardening tools.
DIY Data- provides free home improvement and DIY advice, hints and tips to anyone living in the UK.

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